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Creating new worlds undistracted from experiences, thoughts and feelings comes with a colossal sense of freedom.

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The Netherlands
Den Haag
Mobile: + 31 6 40893129

Kvk number 8
BTW number NL004162216B74


Working with

Artist at Femii

Artist & Committee at Haagse Kunstkring

Artist at NockNock Art

Artist at KunstVoorOns

Artist at VDB Hypotheken

Artist at Studio Flex




Latest publications
Vogelwijk krant 
Artguide Fransastic 2022
Interview Walter van Teeffelen
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Interview NockNock Art

 Merel van Beek (1998), is a young and eccentric artist. In 2017 she explored and enriched her artistic self. After studying for a year at the Art Academy, she chose to create art in her own way, guided by emotion passion and intuition. Her studio is located in the center of The Hague, where she makes colorful, modern and imaginative paintings. For Merel, art is both a form of distraction and a driving force in her life. Passion and emotion are expressed in her landscapes and still lifes. She tries to convey that same power to the viewer.

''Creating new worlds distracted from experiences, thoughts and feelings comes with a colossal sense of freedom. This freedom allowed me to see the world and myself from a different perspective. It is the most powerful thing I have ever felt. I aim to express those insights, details and hopes to you.''

Have you ever noticed how much our thoughts can deviate from reality? It fascinates me deeply that we as humans are able to think fictively and distort the physical world. You may be able to feel this in the modern expressionistic style that I use.


Latest exhibtions
Solo Exhibition Haagse Kunstkring
5 July 2023/30 July 2023

Exhibition Wijn en Kunst Atelier Weimarstraat
April/May 2023
Solo exhibition  23 Jan 2023 / 20 March 2023

DADA Haagse kunstkring 4/29 Jan 2023
First Art Fair 19/22 Jan 2023

Micks Art 9 Oct/ 4 Dec 2022
Cobra Museum 10/11 Sep 2022
NockNock Art Fair 25/28 Aug 2022
Haagse Kunstkring Entree 4/29 May 2022
Sissi Expo-Resto KVO 8/15 March 2022
Studio Flex Solo Exhibiton Oct 2021/Dec 2022

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