Merel van Beek    

Merel van Beek (1998) is a young and eccentric artist from The Hague. She followed her own path after a year of studying at the art academy and enriched her artistic self in her own way guided by passion and intuition.   

Although she was creative from an early age, she only embraced and developed her artistic self when she was going through a difficult time. Art was her lifeline.   

Merel is very passionate and emotionally involved in what she does, which is reflected in her use of lots of color and clear liness. At the moment she focuses mainly on landscapes and still lifes and hopes to inspire and move others.  


Besides making free work, I really enjoy creating personal commissioned landscapes or still lifes. I take my clients into the process where I use my own techniques and style. Finding the right balance and expression is my main point of focus.   


People always ask me this particular question:

What is the reason you make art?

I always reply the same:

"To create a world for myself I always dreamed of."


KVK nummer: 85906085             BTW: NL004162216B74

Merel van Beek



Den Haag